prepare meals for your family on a tight schedule

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prepare meals for your family on a tight schedule

Greetings! My name is Kelly Caughty, and this is my blog. I am a 32-year-old mother of three very active boys ages 11, 9, and 4. I have a full-time job that takes up a lot of my time each week. After work, I come home and really want to spend my time hanging out with my kids. Unfortunately, those boys require a lot of healthy foods each day, and I struggled to find the time to prepare those meals for them and have the time I wanted to spend time with them. That is when I started looking for ways to reduce my time in the kitchen. Here, you will get several ideas that can help you prepare meals for your family even when your time is short.


2 Questions To Ask When Hiring An Off-Site Caterer For Your Special Event

If you have a special event coming for which you are the host, you may have decided on a venue that does not have kitchen facilities. Since you probably want to ensure that your guests are well-fed, you may be looking into your options for providing food.

One option you may have considered is hiring a service that offers off-site catering, which means that they prepare and cook the food in a different location and deliver it to your venue. To help you prepare and plan for this type of food service, ask the questions below when speaking with the service.

1.  Will the Food Be Transported While Still Hot or Need to Be Reheated? 

One question you should ask when first speaking to the off-site catering service has to do with how the food will be transported to your venue. Will the food be kept hot so that it will be ready to serve when it arrives? Or, will the food be kept at a safe refrigerated temperature and need to be reheated at the venue?

Asking this question helps you in two ways. First, it helps you plan for any accommodations that must be made for reheating, such as whether you should have microwaves or ensure there are ample electrical outlets available.

Second, knowing if additional prep needs to be completed at the venue can help you plan out the time. If the food needs to be reheated, you may need to speak with the venue about adding additional time prior to the event.

2.  What Other Services Are Included in Addition to the Delivery of Food to the Venue?

Another question you should ask before hiring the caterer has to do with adjunct services Does the service provide supportive services or items besides the food delivery?

These services could include providing tableware, cutlery, chairs, and tables. They could also include the disposal of trash and the clean-up after the event. Knowing the answer to this question allows you to plan on what additional items and tasks you will need for the event.

When you have a special event coming up at a venue that will require that the food be brought in from an off-site location, knowing how the food will be transported as well as additional services offered can help you better plan how to work with the caterers to provide a good experience for your guests. If you have further questions and need more information, contact a food service near your planned event that offers off-site catering to speak with a representative.